How to use the KeyPosition service in the best way possible

Ten golden rules in order to make the most of the potentials offered by the Aruba KeyPosition service and bring traffic to your own website:
1) Choose a title which contains other than the name of the website (or of the company, professional, association etc...) also an indication of its contents. The Title affects the  positioning of the website in the search results, this is why it is important for you to enter the most important key phrase of the website precisely in the title. "Welcome" or "Home Page" are classical examples of titles used incorrectly.
The need to have one or two “crucial” key words in the title must not push to transform the title in a list of key words separated by comma, as it is very unlikely that the users will be urged to click on a link of this sort.
2) Choose the key words carefully, preferring the combinations of two or more terms. Other than having higher probabilities of appearing in the top of results, you will be certain of attracting to your website visitors that are truly interested in your products or services. You must not enter key words which have nothing to do with your own website nor with names of brands or rival companies.

How to combine the terms - Examples

3) Do not mix Italian and other languages in the title, in the description or in the website keywords or you will run the risk of not appearing in the top results of any search.
4) Use two different subscriptions to indicate the Italian home page and those in foreign languages and give for each page a title, appropriate description and key words.
5) When possible, choose a .it domain for the website in Italian and a .com for the English version.
6) When possible, enter the main key words contained in the text in the page indicated to the engines through KeyPosition: the text contained in the page is very important for the positioning. Obviously, as with the title: the text must be legible and  attractive and it must not consist of a list of keywords.
7) Absolutely avoid the use of techniques considered as SPAM by the engines: fill the page with key words, perhaps with invisible text in the same colour as the background, use key words which are not relevant to the contents of the website in order to attract visitors, repeat the key words in the title or in the meta tags only help to be penalized by the engines.
8) Do not use many similar services to KeyPosition to indicate the same website. If you have several domains which direct to the same website, you simply need to purchase the service for one of these, also because Directories such as Google Directory, Yahoo!, Virgilio, IlTrovatore etc. will index the website only once.
9) Enter the recommended Tags in the html page source which has been indicated through KeyPosition. Avoid the use of META REFRESH tag. This tag is used to redirect the users to another web page automatically and it is not appreciated by the engines.
10) If you need to redirect the users, for instance because the website has been moved, we advise you to enter a javascript.